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Competitive card game

Waltz of the Masks is a competitive card game of placement and effects, with a combinatorial twist. Each player has the same 18 cards. Each card has an original power.There are therefore 18 possible card effects that can be combined in play. Waltz of the Masks introduces a new posede carte mechanic by pushing the card up a level and applying the card's effect to the pose row or column depending on the effect.There are therefore 18 possible card effects that can be combined in play. The Waltz of the Masks introduces a new mechanic of card placement by pushing the card one level and applying the effect of the card on the row or column of placement depending on the effect. The higher you raise your revealed cards, the more influence points you gain for the final countdown. A new experience for 2 to 4 players, with an immediate set up, a simple rule to play quickly, no dead time and a formidable power of the various card effects for an optimal replayability.

A small game with big effects

Waltz of the Masks is a richly illustrated competitive card game. A new way of playing cards in a competitive way that will delight modern board game players with its new mechanics. A new game mechanic combining placement, effects on laid cards and combinatorial effects. Moreover, the final countdown is made easier: the more cards you have revealed in the upper levels close to the power, the more influence points you will get at the end of the game.

The pressure is on

Over the course of the rounds, each player strategically lays down their cards and organizes their forces. You take new cards that will offer you new opportunities and sometimes cause reversals of fortune. But you can hide your strategy by remaining hidden, to reveal them later, if you wish... And some cards will allow you to reactivate the effects of cards already played.

Inside the box

The Waltz of the Masks comes with 72 richly illustrated : graphic compositions reworked and recolored from the works of Umberto Brunelleschi, a classic illustrator of the early 20th century "Effects/Masks" cards (18 cards of the same color per player), 1 First Player card, 5 Rules of the game cards and detailed explanations of the effects of the cards.

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