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A competitive puzzle board game

Maztec is a competitive jigsaw puzzle game, of collecting and connecting, with a combinatory twist. Maztec introduces a new sort of game combining the juxtaposition of pieces by combination of symbols and the interweaving of jigsaw pieces.
A unique experience for 1 to 4 players, with a few minutes for set-up, and a simple rule to play quickly. The first board game of this century based on a double-sided Jigsaw puzzle with modern board game rules.

A small revolution

Maztec is a revolution in the playful sphere itself. It is the missing link between the world of jigsaw puzzles and the modern board game. A new way to create puzzles in a competitive way. An new game mechanics combining symbols and pieces, the discovery of new placement opportunities for pieces all before 28 turns.

Playing games under pressure

As the game turns, you discover the perimeter of the temple. This makes you discover a new symbol which is, in itself, a new opportunity to put a stone in the right place.

In the box

Maztec comes with 28 "game turn" pieces, 38 "gem" pieces and 4 "temple" pieces: The four "temple" pieces represent 4 parts of the entrance to the temple.The "gem" pieces are of two different colors.

Reviews & Rules by Martin - The Boardgames Society

Reviews & Rules

As you explore the place, you discover new symbols. You also gather strange green and red gems surrounded by these symbols. These symbols appear to be clues that allow these stones to be placed.

The Maztec Universe

Maztec is a universe that we want to develop for you to offer even more gaming experience, with innovative and original mechanics.
While waiting for the launch of Maztec's new Kickstarter campaign, we invite you to play the Roll'n Write that we've designed in the Maztec universe: Maztec Duel.

Maztec's launch campaign is about to begin...
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